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On Set "Cheri Amour" ©Skyy Entertainment

On Set "Cheri Amour" ©Skyy Entertainment

The Vision
To be among the very best in the entertainment industry; d
edicated to the production of high quality screenplays with a broad range of social, economic, and religious contexts.

The Mission
To create and impact moviegoers of all ages and cultural backgrounds 
with bold content that will test the boundaries of what has become commonplace in the industry. 

Our Core Values

  • EXCELLENCE – We will strive to be the best and create quality work worthy of consideration from top tier producers and distributors always recognizing that profitability will be key.

  • INTEGRITY – We will always adhere to our moral and ethical principles while creating projects that stir the spirit and, at times, create controversy.

  • RISK TAKING – We will not be afraid to take risks. We will embrace subject matter that others avoid while paying attention to truth and accuracy. 

  • COLLABORATION – We will provide and be open to opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate and partner within the entertainment and business community

  • RESPECT – We will always maintain a high level of respect for each other, our audience, the industry and industry professionals. 

  • GODLY WISDOM – This will be the cornerstone of Skyy Entertainment’s growth and success as we set out to impact the industry. Godly wisdom will allow us to be BOLD and daring!




All projects and scripts have been registered with the WGA (Writers Guild of America) as well as the US Library of Congress


Azazel: The Fallen” 

©Copyright 2023 G. Lane Hillman, All Rights Reserved; WGAw 

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The Fourth” (Sitcom) 

©Copyright 2016 G. Lane Hillman, All Rights Reserved; WGAw 

(Logline hidden)

RAYNEY DAYS” (Sitcom) 
©Copyright 2012 G. Lane Hillman, All Rights Reserved; WGAw 
(Logline hidden)

927” (Feature Drama) 
©Copyright 2012 Kim Williams, All Rights Reserved; WGAw 
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LUCIFER: The Beginning” (Feature Action/Adventure) 
©Copyright 2012 G. Lane Hillman, All Rights Reserved; WGAw 
(Logline hidden)

©Copyright 2012 Kim Williams, All Rights Reserved; WGAw 
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12” (Feature Drama) 
©Copyright 2012 G. Lane Hillman, All Rights Reserved; WGAw 
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Skyy Entertainment is dedicated to creating projects and material that will set us apart from the industry. While our projects will be consistent with the core values and principles of Skyy, we believe in boldness in our storytelling. 

KIM WILLIAMS - President, Writer
Kim studied Broadcast Journalism at St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh, North Carolina, interning at WRAL’s Channel 5 with a focus on Television Productions. Kim worked behind the scenes on various projects that reached the targeted market of the projects currently in development now at Skyy Entertainment. An All-American athlete born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kim is no stranger to putting together a winning team, recognizing talent and quality work. The President of Skyy Entertainment, Kim’s experience ranges from representing and marketing professional basketball players in the overseas market to up-and-coming actors on the Hollywood scene. With over 25 years experience in Sales and Marketing, Kim is poised to make her mark in the entertainment industry. 

G. LANE HILLMAN - VP, Writer, Director
Lane is a young, gifted actor (a member of the Screen Actors Guild) and writer with an innate ability to capture the full essence of a story and in the most captivating way. Lane has penned several scripts for theatre as well as short films. His gift of creating some of the most provocative narratives are the direct result of his close walk with God and his personal dealings and compassion for people from all walks of life – those he has taught, counseled and helped over the years. Lane has already, at such a young age, done far more for his community around him than most do in a lifetime. He will no doubt leave an indelible mark in Hollywood as he sets out to make an impact in the lives of people all over the world through entertainment. 

SHERYL JONES-DILLARD - Contributing Writer/Author
Sheryl is one of the most empowering and inspiring women of our day. She writes, she speaks, and she sings...with a voice and message that pierces your heart. Her writings said to possess the depth and literary brilliance of Maya Angelou. A victim of sexual abuse as a child and a survivor of domestic abuse as an adult, Sheryl’s message is authentic, raw, anointed and uplifting. With high-risk communities in mind, Sheryl is contracted by Domestic Violence Agencies and Education Associations through the Sheryl Dillard Foundation to mentor and speak to those currently housed in government facilities like Samarkand Juvenile Detention Center, NC and state prisons throughout the country. - simply put, Sheryl transforms lives. Dr. Riggins Earl, Jr. - Ethics professor of The Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta and Research Scholar at Tuskeegee Institute - says of her, “Sheryl gives voice to silence. The only difference between Sheryl and Maya Angelou is age and opportunity”. Ramah Bible School of Prophets awarded Sheryl an Honorary Doctorate in 2000. She is also a recent graduate of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia having earned a Master’s of Divinity with a focus on Pastoral Care and Counseling. 


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Ste C373

Encino CA 91436


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